Have you ever wondered what your life would look like in 5 years? 

Have you ever sat down to visualize your plans, goals, and aspirations?

Making a vision board will help you stay accountable, inspired, and motivated to accomplish those goals.

This fun, creative exercise will help you identify major goals in your life that probably need a little boost of motivation and accountability in order to accomplish them. To create a vision board, you need to first identify the things that matter the most to you. Family, career, personal development aspects, health and wellness etc…Create a list and do a small brain dump of all those experiences you would like to have in the future (5 years). Organize the list and create goals for each thing you just wrote. Now, identify the goals that are achievable in a 5 year span of time. I think 5 years is a good way to start because a lot can happen during this short, yet long period of time. You can decide to make major changes in your life and mold others to your future past those 5 years.

There are a few ways to make your vision board. One way is to get crafty! (Personally my favorite! As you know, I have always found a big interest in anything related to art, so when I get a chance to express myself with any medium I really enjoy the process of it.)

First, find any old or new magazines you might have laying around the house and start looking through them. Take your list of goals and start searching for a visual representation of them. (You can even find words and quotes that resonate with you or give you motivation towards those goals). Cut them out and set them aside, as you will need these to collage together.

Get a big or small piece of paper, cardboard, construction paper, and start gluing the cutouts together. Play around with the images, words, colors and if you feel more creative add paint, stickers etc…This is your way to really express yourself and what a better way with something personal and important to you. Finally, frame your art piece! I chose to frame my final product, so I can hang and display it to remind myself of my goals every single day. 

Another option is to go to websites like to find inspirational images, words, quotes, etc. Create a pinterest board only dedicated for your 5 year vision board. Take your list, search, and pin away! Have fun playing around with the images colors etc…After you have finished go to and create a digital collage! Organize some of the images you found in pinterest and create a visual representation of those goals.

These two ways of creating a 5 year vision board can help you overcome the overwhelmingness of the future.  It may feel like an almost never-ending project, but that is why making a list first will help you stay focused and organized. I personally decided to do this with my boyfriend as we are both entering a very important time in our lives. This could be a cute date idea and something to bond about with the people you love, so try to do this with a friend, partner, or family member.

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