Do you ever find yourself with nothing to wear when you have plenty of things in your closet?

I think we all have this “issue”, but there might be a simple fix! BASICS! 

Every girl should own a few basic pieces in order to make choosing an outfit easy, rather than making it feel like a chore. Having these basics can not only save you a headache and time, but it will make it easier for you to pair with your favorite novelty items in your closet.

Yes, I did not add “a little black dress” because in my opinion, I do not agree this falls under top 5 items you should have as a basic in your closet!

I have compiled the top 5 items you should definitely have in your closet for all seasons/weather types:

  • White Sneakers: Always have a pair of white sneakers! Not only can you wear these during the summer with cute summer dresses, but during the cold months they can be worn as well. Don’t be afraid to play around with white sneakers during the fall and winter seasons. They literally go great with anything! They can be a good way to make a “fancy” outfit feel more “casual”. Your white sneakers can also be for working out! I find white very versatile when it comes to shoes and love having a nice pair for my cute workout outfits.
  • Jackets: Jean and Leather jackets are some of my favorite pieces in my closet! I have to say putting on a jean jacket during the summer over a dress can dress up the outfit and keep you warm when you enter those cold AC temperatures. They can also be great outerwear pieces when layering during the cold months of the year. Leather jackets are also some of my favorites because they can make your outfit look more put together and they go great in every weather. 
  • Denim/Jeans: Your favorite Jeans! I have to honestly say jeans are my favorite item of clothing to shop for and wear. I won’t lie… I love leggings and sweatpants, but only for loungewear or working out. There is something about denim that physically attracts me to wear them for almost all occasions. The look of casual denim can easily change by the type of top and shoes you wear with them. Not all jeans have to be worn for casual occasions; they can be dressed up or down!  According to some social media trends, skinny jeans are “out” and mom jeans are “in”. Call me crazy, but I will always be a skinny jean type of gal. I still take part in the new trends like baggy jeans and that “oversized” look (which I also love!!!) but I am really not picky when it comes to jeans. My favorite jeans are the novelty ones; I find it so fascinating to shop for all different types of washes, cuts, and styles. I have to say though, the lighter washes are my favorite for the spring and summer times. I tend to wear more darker colors and washes during the colder months. I don’t have a favorite cut or color. I say explore all the options out there and find a good pair of jeans that fit you well, are comfortable, and accentuate your body!
  • Crew Neck Fleeces and Sweaters: My all time favorite staple top options, crewnecks! I fricking looooove crew neck fleeces and sweaters. I included both options, as I know the fleece option can scare some and sweaters are just not for everyone. After working in the fleece and sweater world for Ralph Lauren, I have accumulated quite the collection! I find these tops to be so versatile and easy to layer and style, whether it is just solid crews or novelty. They are fun, comfortable, and easy to wear. You can layer, wear them on their own, or with different bottoms like pants or skirts and even wear them over dresses!
  • Black Boots: You can never go wrong with a pair of black booties, thigh highs, rider boots, combat boots, etc… Black goes well with everything and boots can be worn all year around! I don’t have a favorite type of black boot because I love them all, but what I can say is that they are my go-to shoe on an everyday basis. Living on the East coast, the weather is cold for the majority of the time and black boots just bring every outfit together. Some of my favorite boots right now are the Black Chelsea Dr. Martens.


I recently just turned 26 and was finally able to enjoy my birthday with the people I love the most!

Last year, I unfortunately got sick with what, I think, could have been Covid-19 and had to cancel all my birthday plans. At the same time it was when everything began to close due to the virus and quarantine began. It was definitely a rough year for all of us and now that there is a little more “normalcy”, I was able to enjoy a nice week off from work and got to spend my birthday with my boyfriend and immediate family members. 

We haven’t been out to lunch since the pandemic started, so we decided to rent out a private outdoor Igloo at one of my favorite Italian restaurants, Calandra’s Mediterranean Grill, in Fairfield, NJ.

While we are still not comfortable with indoor dining, we thought this was the perfect place to enjoy some food and time together. When we do eat out, we usually order and eat home. We were glad we were able to have a nice indoor/outdoor experience, while still being careful and conscious that the virus is still a risk. The igloo was nicely decorated for Easter and surprisingly, it was very hot in there. I was afraid we were going to be cold, but they had a couple of space heaters, so we were able to accommodate the temperature to our liking. These igloos usually sit up to 8 people.

I ordered from the Lunch Special Menu and had a crab and avocado salad. It was absolutely delicious and the perfect amount to start off my meal. For my main meal, I ordered a Chicken with sausage, red chilli peppers, and olives in a white wine sauce. It came accompanied by some roasted potatoes and broccoli on the side. I loved it and would definitely recommend this place for lunch or dinner! 

After lunch, we headed to the new mall that recently opened, the American Dream, located just a few doors away from the Metlife Stadium. There we walked around and waited for our turn to ski at “Big Snow”. My boyfriend gifted me tickets to go snow bike skiing there for the day. I have never heard of this sport, or even know it existed, so I was super excited to try it out! We headed to “BIG SNOW”, one of the few attractions, at the American Dream. It is basically a big indoor snow park. People can go skiing, snowboarding, and snow biking! We enjoyed the one-day pass that included a 2 hour entry, personal instruction, and the rental of all gear and equipment (Outerwear-Jacket and Pants, Helmet, Snow Boots, and Bike). I thought it was a great deal for the price we paid!

Check out their website for all the packages and entry information:   https://www.bigsnowamericandream.com/snow-day-packages/

Once we were in the snow park, ready to enjoy the bike rides, we noticed everyone was either skiing or snowboarding only. We were the only ones using the bikes! Online, however, the snow go bikes were completely sold out. I believe they sell out at capacity, but you can go in and rent out other things like skis and snowboards. (Don’t quote me on this, we just didn’t see anyone else riding the bikes, when oline it said all bikes were sold out.)

The instructor gave us a very detailed explanation on how to stop while going down the hill, how to speed up, etc…Then, they take you to different levels of small to medium hills, until you feel comfortable enough to go down the big hill. The whole experience was really cool and different! It was something I have always wanted to do, being that I have never done anything in the snow like that. I would love to come back this winter to try out the snowboards; it is definitely next on my to do list! 

I would rate the overall experience an 8/10. It was affordable, compared to going skiing at a resort and renting out the equipment, and it was indoors so the wind factor was non-existent. 

Overall, I had a great time celebrating another year of life. It was very rewarding to leave the house for a few hours, to share some great food, and make unforgettable memories! I am very blessed and thankful for the people I have in my life. I would have loved to have had a group of my closest friends accompany me for my birthday, but since we are still in a pandemic, it only felt right to keep it small until things get better. Cheers to another year of life!


Have you ever wondered what your life would look like in 5 years? 

Have you ever sat down to visualize your plans, goals, and aspirations?

Making a vision board will help you stay accountable, inspired, and motivated to accomplish those goals.

This fun, creative exercise will help you identify major goals in your life that probably need a little boost of motivation and accountability in order to accomplish them. To create a vision board, you need to first identify the things that matter the most to you. Family, career, personal development aspects, health and wellness etc…Create a list and do a small brain dump of all those experiences you would like to have in the future (5 years). Organize the list and create goals for each thing you just wrote. Now, identify the goals that are achievable in a 5 year span of time. I think 5 years is a good way to start because a lot can happen during this short, yet long period of time. You can decide to make major changes in your life and mold others to your future past those 5 years.

There are a few ways to make your vision board. One way is to get crafty! (Personally my favorite! As you know, I have always found a big interest in anything related to art, so when I get a chance to express myself with any medium I really enjoy the process of it.)

First, find any old or new magazines you might have laying around the house and start looking through them. Take your list of goals and start searching for a visual representation of them. (You can even find words and quotes that resonate with you or give you motivation towards those goals). Cut them out and set them aside, as you will need these to collage together.

Get a big or small piece of paper, cardboard, construction paper, and start gluing the cutouts together. Play around with the images, words, colors and if you feel more creative add paint, stickers etc…This is your way to really express yourself and what a better way with something personal and important to you. Finally, frame your art piece! I chose to frame my final product, so I can hang and display it to remind myself of my goals every single day. 

Another option is to go to websites like pinterest.com to find inspirational images, words, quotes, etc. Create a pinterest board only dedicated for your 5 year vision board. Take your list, search, and pin away! Have fun playing around with the images colors etc…After you have finished go to canva.com and create a digital collage! Organize some of the images you found in pinterest and create a visual representation of those goals.

These two ways of creating a 5 year vision board can help you overcome the overwhelmingness of the future.  It may feel like an almost never-ending project, but that is why making a list first will help you stay focused and organized. I personally decided to do this with my boyfriend as we are both entering a very important time in our lives. This could be a cute date idea and something to bond about with the people you love, so try to do this with a friend, partner, or family member.



Welcome to Just Jenn M! A personal blog, diary, and the place I like to share my thoughts and advice with things like fashion, wellness and fitness, travel, lifestyle and more!

A little bit about me….My name is Jenniffer, but most people call me Jenn! I have been wanting to create this space for a loooong time now! Being in quarantine and spending more time at home finally gave me the push/motivation I needed to launch this blog.

Working full-time as an Assistant Buyer for Ralph Lauren has taught me a lot of skills and I am now ready to share that knowledge with all of you. How did I get to where I am now? Where would I like to be in a few years? Has working at one of the biggest corporate fashion retailers changed my future career goals? All of these questions will be answered more in depth here.

Aside from this, I have always been interested in fashion, beauty, art, and photography. These have cultivated an interest and creativity I love and feel very passionate about. I am truly myself when I am creating and styling and I find it very therapeutic as well. Traveling and adventuring has been a recent interest of mine. I love going on spontaneous trips and documenting them, whether it’s trying new food places,  exploring local areas, and sharing these memories with the people I love.

With this blog, I hope to inspire you to push for your dreams, to always find time to create, adventure, and express yourself. Life is too short to not enjoy it and do the things you love and make you unique!


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