Welcome to Just Jenn M! A personal blog, diary, and the place I like to share my thoughts and advice with things like fashion, wellness and fitness, travel, lifestyle and more!

A little bit about me….My name is Jenniffer, but most people call me Jenn! I have been wanting to create this space for a loooong time now! Being in quarantine and spending more time at home finally gave me the push/motivation I needed to launch this blog.

Working full-time as an Assistant Buyer for Ralph Lauren has taught me a lot of skills and I am now ready to share that knowledge with all of you. How did I get to where I am now? Where would I like to be in a few years? Has working at one of the biggest corporate fashion retailers changed my future career goals? All of these questions will be answered more in depth here.

Aside from this, I have always been interested in fashion, beauty, art, and photography. These have cultivated an interest and creativity I love and feel very passionate about. I am truly myself when I am creating and styling and I find it very therapeutic as well. Traveling and adventuring has been a recent interest of mine. I love going on spontaneous trips and documenting them, whether it’s trying new food places,  exploring local areas, and sharing these memories with the people I love.

With this blog, I hope to inspire you to push for your dreams, to always find time to create, adventure, and express yourself. Life is too short to not enjoy it and do the things you love and make you unique!

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